Siddhi Energetics

  • Agar-35


    Description Ingredients Directions Are you burdened with constant stress? Agar 35 helps you unwind. It is nearly impossible to live a stress-free life. Bills, relationships, uncompromising bosses, and strings of bad luck can all build to the point where a...

  • Chulen


    Description Ingredients Directions   Chulen gives you increased energy, surprising mental clarity, greater physical strength, less need for sleep, a decreased appetite, a more joyous mood, and a considerable deepening of spiritual practice and meditation. These pills are full of...

  • Jumar 25 Precious Pill

    Jumar 25 Precious Pill

    Jumar 25 1 pill $8.75 Jumar 25 is one of the most commonly prescribed of the many "precious pills" (Rinchen Rilbu) used in the field of Tibetan medicine. Compounded of 25 naturally grown and conscientiously harvested herbs and minerals, this formula...

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