A Practitioner’s Guide to Using Semde and Agar 35

As practitioners, our goal is not only to ‘touch the essence’ while on the cushion each day, but to bring the mind of practice into every area of our life. When our energy is out of balance and we end up anxious and depressed, even finding our way to the cushion becomes a struggle. In my own life I have found immense benefit from both of these supplements. Using them I have gained at least a limited amount of control over the way the energy flows in my body and my own reaction to those flows. Through taking Agar 35 and Semde I have not only found my meditation practice enhanced through not having to struggle with bouts of depression, anxiety and insomnia, but have unexpectedly found myself much more able to deal with these troubles when the arise, whether I have Agar 35 or Semde with me or not. Somehow my basic constitution seems to have been altered so that I simply do not become depressed or anxious as often.

One Tibetan doctor I met told me he had diagnosed hundreds of Westerners and that every one of them had an energy (lung) imbalance which needed to be addressed. He said: “When the energy gets out of the belly and into the head, there’s trouble and people go crazy. Agar 35 and Semde should be taken by everyone!”

These days I don’t need to take the medicines very often, though I always to keep them on hand, especially when traveling or going on meditation retreat. I find I sleep more deeply in general, perhaps as a result of having consumed these supplements frequently for several years. As my meditation practice has deepened, my reliance on the products has lessened, and my understanding of my mind has increased. I feel grateful for having been introduced to them years ago in Nepal, and will continue to use them.

Urgyen Rangdrol

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