Mood & Sleep

Tibetan herbal medicine excels at bringing the body’s energies into harmony, and thereby helping with such common complaints as mood disturbance and sleep issues. According to Tibetan medical theory, depression and insomnia stem from the same source: a disturbance in the energy system of the body. These energies, known in Tibetan as rLung, should be centered and anchored in the belly region – the famous ‘hara’ of the Japanese martial arts. Unfortunately, due to the incredibly stressful, complex life of us here in the modern West, the rLung gets stirred up and looses its connection to the abdomen. When this happens, it begins to flow upward toward the head, causing all kinds of disorders, including anxiety, exhaustion, mood disturbance and depression, insomnia, and racing thoughts.

When brought back into alignment through the use of herbal formulas such as Agar 35 and Semde, the result is an empowered, focused, relaxed and less defended state of mind. Chronic problems like insomnia and anxiety are reduced and sometimes disappear entirely. One feels more in control and thus, able to deal with life’s turbulence. A Tibetan doctor once told me that in hundreds of patient visits he had never met a Westerner whose subtle energy was not disturbed and who could not, therefore, benefit from these formulas.