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An Ancient Healing Tradition

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Siddhi Energetics offers both traditional and modern herbal formulas from the vast pharmacopeia of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. These formulas naturally and effectively assist with such common issues as anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue in a safe, swift and effective manner, often allowing for permanent healing.

Our formulas synergize well with both Chinese and Ayurvedic herbals, as well as acupuncture, and can also be used in conjunction with modern pharmaceutical drugs to allow for accelerated healing of difficult to treat, deep-seated disorders. Most of our formulas are administered only once per day, allowing for easy compliance and swift recovery. 

Tibetan medicine is one of the oldest continuously practiced medical systems in the world, and dates back many centuries. It is our aspiration here at Siddhi Energetics to help bring these powerful remedies to those living in the modern West.

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