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Jing Builder - Sexual Energy Replenishment

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The word jing in Chinese medicine refers to “essence”. Jing is stored in the kidneys and is yin in nature, which means it nourishes, fuels, and cools the body. Production of semen and menstrual blood is believed to place a great strain on jing energy. Keeping a fully supply of jing energy leads to greater vitality, more drive, a powerful sense of strength, and greater potency in the bedroom.

Tibetan, Ayurvedic, and Persian medicines and meditation schools have long recognized the deep link between sexual well being and general health. Trogawa Rinpoche, a famous Tibetan doctor only recently passed away, often recommended a brief period of sexual abstinence in order to restore mental calm. Jing Builder gives you the same benefits without having to abstain.

Taoist, Buddhist, and Tantric Hindu teachings also stress the importance of keeping seminal essence intact, and replenishing it when lost. Jing Builder keeps semen full and seminal energy high, allowing the body’s energy to collect and build.

Although semen is sometimes equated with jing, this is not accurate. Semen is not jing, although semen is one of the primary expressions of jing in the male body. Because production of semen in men places the greatest strain on jing, a full and healthy supply of semen serves to nourish jing and allow it to transform more easily into chi and thus into shen. This fuels the spiritual and creative aspects of your human expression. When semen is lost, jing is immediately depleted in the the body’s efforts to replace it.

The natural conversion of jing into chi into shen can be enhanced, strengthened, and sped up. This is the process worked with in chi kung in general, and in practices such as Xi Sui Jing. In order for the conversion to take place, jing must be full. When semen is lost, conversion of jing into chi is slowed, sometimes drastically, as the body fights to replenish the physical essence. If semen is kept full and replenished quickly when lost, the jing-chi-shen transformation is strengthened. Because semen and sperm are deeply connected with and related to jing, disrupting the jing-chi transformation when lost, keeping semen full allows the jing to build. Jing Builder replenishes semen and keeps it full, allowing the jing-chi transformation to continue without interruption.


Sexual Energy is the Fuel for Yoga, Mediation, and the Martial Arts

Meditation, traditional Hatha Yoga, and esoteric martial arts all emphasize the importance of keeping the body’s supply of sexual energy full. For men, this specifically means not losing semen and quickly replenishing it when it is lost. One reason for this is that the sexual energy is especially concentrated in the seminal fluid of the male. Jing Builder can be used to increase the volume and potency of seminal fluid which increases the energy associated with this powerful source of power and vitality.

Hatha Yoga emphasizes the importance of keeping the male sexual fluids in the body and teaches techniques for extracting the essence of these fluids for higher spiritual practices. In yoga, the loss of semen is the loss of power and when this power is lost through ejaculation, the fundamental fuel for spiritual development is temporarily reduced. This means you'll lack the drive, focus, and power necessary to complete your spiritual journey. Usually you'll need to wait as many as 100 days before you can return to your spiritual practice. Jing Builder can help you keep your seminal energy high and to quickly replenish it when lost without having to wait.

In most Asian forms of yoga and meditation, a similar prohibition on semen loss is enforced. Taoist manuals such as the Marrow/Brain Washing Classic, attributed to Bodhidharma, teach special methods for increasing the volume and potency of seminal energy with a focus on refining the essence of this fluid to vitalize, cleanse, and empower the body and mind.

The martial arts, with their emphasis on building chi energy to vitalize and strengthen the body with it, also look to seminal fluid as the grossest source of this energy available for transformation.



Zinc Aspartate - 10 mg - Zinc is essential for the proper functioning of the reproductive organs and normal functioning of the prostate gland. When combined with L-Lysine, there are additional benefits to sperm and semen quality. This mineral is found in high concentrations in male ejaculate and plays an important role in prostate health. Frequent ejaculations have been recorded to lower zinc presence in male's bodies.

L-Carnitine - 200 mg - Clinically proven to significantly increase the percentage of highly motile sperm. Sperm production is the greatest drain on jing in the male body.

Maca (root) - 200 mg - South American botanical proven to promote libido, potency, and energy.

L-Arginine HCL - 150 mg - Positively impacts sperm and can as much as double semen volume. Improves fertility due to increasing sperm health and activity.

L-Lysine - 150 mg - When this amino acid is supplemented along with zinc, there is an increase in sperm production, testosterone production is increased, and semen quality improves.

Epimedium Sagittatum (Yin Yang Huo) - 75 mg - Boosts libido and testosterone levels for greater sperm production. Tonifies yang and tonifies kidneys. Acrid, sweet and warm. Enters the liver and kidney meridians.

Tribulus Terrestris (Bai Li Ji) - 75 mg - Naturally increases the level of luteinizing hormone levels (LH) and improves the manufacture of testosterone in the body. Warming, can break up chi stagnation.


What Our Fans Are Saying About Jing Builder

"I have been taking the Jing Builder for about a month now and I love it! Even though it is mostly marketed for men, I am a woman and find the Jing Builder gives me more energy, helps as a fat burner and it doesn't hurt the sex drive either!" - Toni S, Portland, Maine


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