Nyala Pema Dudul Chulen in Capsules
Nyala Pema Dudul Chulen in Capsules

Nyala Pema Dudul Chulen in Capsules


This particular Chulen is based on a recipe created by the famous master Nyala Pema Dudul, who, in 1872 in Kham, Eastern Tibet, actually attained the Ja-lu, or rainbow body, his physical body dissolving into light at the time of his death. With this product, Chulen is available for the first time anywhere in capsule form, making them convenient to take, as they do not require being chewed.

Chulen is Tibetan for "taking the essence" and is connected with the ancient Indian tradition of rejuvenation called Rasayana. These pills replenish the deepest energy in the body, help to extend lifespan by increasing the health of those who take them. Chulen are used in two ways: one as a replacement for food, and the other as a type of blessed "super vitamin".

The practice of replacing food with Chulen and eating only two or three pills each day is famous throughout Tibetan history and many masters lived for years on essence pills such as these. In this contemplative tradition of Chulen, the pills are used in conjunction with physical yogas and meditations in order to recognize the radiant nature of awareness and its relationship to the pure essence of the elements.

A commentary on the practice of Chulen states: "Chu is the essential substance of the elements: it maintains the physical body and, if our energy is uncoordinated, it coordinates it, and it reinforces energy. Therefore, Chulen is useful, above all, to harmonize energy and develop clarity...The Body of Light can manifest when Dzogchen is combined with Chulen."


Take one to three capsules in the morning, preferably with warm or hot water, before eating. After taking the Chulen, waiting 20 - 30 minutes before eating solid food helps the herbs gain access to the body's energy system. Another dose can be taken in the afternoon, but as these pills can be energizing for some, avoid taking in the late evening until you have determined whether they effect your ability (or willingness) to go to sleep.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.


  • Arthrospira platensis
  • Polygonatum multiflorum
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Ophiocordyceps sinensis
  • Asphaltum Punjabianum
  • Withania somnifera


The picture is of Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok in the cave where Nyala Pema Dudul practiced Chulen for nine years. Incredible!