Sakya Pandita

Sakyapa Chulen


Made and Blessed by Sakyapa Lama Amchi Kunga

Sold Out


We here at Siddhi Energetics, in addition to our excellent standard Chulen formula, are now carrying a new kind of Chulen, made according to a recipe preserved in the Sakyapa school of Vajrayana Buddhism. A translator friend of mine, while in Kathmandu, wrote to me saying that Amchi Kunga, a Sakyapa doctor and Buddhist Lama, had just made some Chulen that were quite impressive. We placed an initial order which sold out the day they were made available. We are able to get a limited number of these Chulen and will now make them available here whenever they are in stock.

The Chulen have very nice flavor, and possess an interesting energetic profile which brings about a calm, focused state of mind soon after ingestion. They also seem to curb hunger more effectively than other Chulen I am familiar with.

According to Amchi Lama Kunga, these pills are made using a recipe found in the Sakyapa Tantric canon, and this formula in use in various Sakya retreat centers and monasteries in India, Nepal and Tibet to this day. They are often used to support spiritual retreat on the inner yogas of the Indian Mahasiddhi Virupa, which are preserved in the Lamdre cycle of esoteric instructions.

As far as I know, these Chulen are completely unavailable elsewhere, and each batch is specifically made and blessed by Amchi Lama Kunga for Siddhi Energetics.

Like other types of Chulen, these can be used in various ways: as an enhancement for Tantric fasting practice and essence extraction, to help untie the subtle knots in the energy body by combining the pills with the yogic practices of Tsa/Lung/Tigle (Tummo), or simply as a powerful supplement and meditation-enhancing "super vitamin". One pill, taken each day in the morning, can bring about a revitalizing, clarifying, empowering energy infusing the body and mind. Taken for a month or two, the deepest energy in the body can be replenished, and new insights and realizations brought to light in the mind.

Supplies of these Chulen are very limited. We will restock whenever the doctor makes them available. Each bottle contains 25 pills.


Directions: Take 1/2 or 1 pills early in the morning with warm water. To refrain from eating for at least 30 minutes increases the efficacy of the formula. Meditation, centering prayer, calm abiding and yogic practices also increase the effect.