Alchemical Honey Herb Chulen

Alchemical Honey Herb Chulen


This rarely encountered form of Chulen brings together alchemically prepared honey from Burma with a selection of natural herbs to produce a special energetic formula.

There are several kinds of Chulen used in Tibetan Buddhist practice. Extracts of minerals, subterranean earth, herbs and metals are all used to make these 'spiritual vitamins'. This rare formula often uses honey gathered in the mountains of Tibet, while our version offers a rare honey from Burma which contains an alchemically prepared form of gold ash as well as a supportive herbal combination and special relics and blessed ingredients from around the Himalayan world.

Having come across an unusual Chulen recipe which has honey as one of its main ingredients, we prepared this in our own laboratory. Instead of the Tibetan 'mountain honey' which is most often used, we substituted a combination of Colorado wildflower honey and Burmese alchemical honey which we were fortunate to find on a trip to Burma some years ago. This honey had been prepared for us by a highly developed Sayadaw - Buddhist master - who is also a famed alchemist. This amazing teacher impressed us more than any other master we met in Burma as being a fully processed person and realized being, and Burma itself is one of the last remaining homes of the living practice of alchemy.

As potent as the formula turned out to be, it is unlikely we will be making more of it, as it took more than four months to dry. We have a limited number of bottles and they are expected to sell out very quickly.


Our aspiration is that this unique preparation may speed all those who encounter it on the path to insight and peace. For more information about Chulen in general, please see our other Chulen offerings.

Each bottle contains 25 pellets.

Directions: Take 1 pellet early in the morning with warm water. To refrain from eating for at least 30 minutes increases the efficacy of the formula. Meditation, Centering Prayer, yogic practice and breath work are encouraged. If you are using this formula as a support for fasting, it may be necessary to take another pellet later in the day, depending on your practice.

As with all types of herbal formula, if you have any health conditions please check with your doctor before using.