Basam Chulen - Amchi Sherab

Basam Chulen - Amchi Sherab


Basam Chulen is another wonderful formula from our friend Amchi Sherab, who also makes the Mandarava Chulen for us. When I was in Nepal in March of 2023, Amchi Sherab encouraged me to try this formula as one very good for Westerners as it specifically targets the body's kidney energy. According to both Tibetan and Chinese traditional medical systems, the kidneys are seen as particularly important as they hold the foundational energy of the body, releasing it into the system as needed, similar to a biological battery. This system (not only the physical kidney organs) stores the vital energy needed to withstand times of illness as well as physical, emotional and mental stress.

Sadly, our world today is more stressful than ever before, making it vitally important that we nourish the energetic kidney system and maintain a reserve of stress there. When the kidney energy is 'full' the mind and body feel more relaxed, empowered  and able to cope with the requirements of a busy life. I have personally found that this formula provides me with a calm strength and feeling of vitality somewhat different than the other Chulen in our catalog.

These Chulen are made according to the instructions found in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, these formulas are traditionally used to support yogic practitioners seeking to deepen their awareness of subtle energetic processes in the mind and body. While going without food for a time - sometimes 30 days or longer - the yogin's awareness and energy are heightened through the use of formulas such as this one.



Taking Chulen


To gain the most benefit from this supplement, you can take 1-2 (start with one) pellet first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Chew the pill and swallow with a good amount of warm water. Wait at least thirty minutes before eating. 

It is common when taking the pills to feel increased energy and a need for less sleep. You may also experience decreased appetite, increased mental clarity, a sense of physical lightness and strength, and a more joyous mood. Specifically, they benefit the kidneys, liver, heart and gastric systems. As an effect of the blessings associated with the pills, you may experience an enhanced spiritual practice and deepened meditation.

Replacing meals with Chulen is not recommended. This type of advanced practice is best undertaken in retreat and under the guidance of an accomplished Lama or yogin.

Depending on one's sensitivity to new formulas, consider discussing your use of this formula with your doctor. This is especially important if you are taking other medications, being treated for an illness, or have other health concerns. In general, those with hypertension or high blood pressure should use caution when taking Chulen. Although no reports of our Chulen increasing blood pressure have come to us, people are different and they may effect you differently. This type of tonic formula can "quicken the blood", be sure to consult with your physician before and during use if you notice any changes in how you feel. Negative effects are extremely rare, but it is best to error on the safe side when dealing with personal health and well being.


Specifications: 1 serving = 1-2 pellets. Bottle includes 25 pellets. Chew or crush in mouth and take with warm water in the morning, before food.


Traditional Tibetan Uses*:


- A feeling of increased energy

- A sense of heightened awareness

- Mood stabilization

- A reduced feeling of hunger, and the ability to perform well on less food

- Enhanced spiritual practice

- Sustained ability to be present, even when under stress

- An increased sense of connection and grounded well being


About Chulen


Chulen function in Tibetan Medicine as a "blessed super vitamin" and can act to replenish the deepest energy in the body. They are made for and taken by some of the greatest Masters of Tibetan Buddhism alive today, such as Chatral Rinpoche, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, and many others. These authentic Chulen are unique not available elsewhere.

From a Chinese medical perspective, these pills replenish what is known as "ancestral" or "prenatal" jing. This energy is usually gone when depleted and cannot be refreshed once exhausted. Chulen targets this energy, rebuilding it from the ground up.

Chulen is Tibetan for “taking the essence” and is connected with the ancient Indian tradition of rejuvenation called Rasayana. These pills replenish the deepest energy in the body, help to extend the life, and increase the health of those who take them. Chulen are used in two ways: one as a replacement for food and the other as a type of super vitamin. The practice of replacing food with Chulen and eating only two or three pills each day is famous throughout Tibetan history and there are stories of such luminaries as Yeshe Tsogyal, Nyala Pema Dudul, and Adzom Drukpa living for many years simply on essence pills such as these. In this contemplative tradition of Chulen, the pills are used in conjunction with various physical yogas and meditations in order to recognize the nature of awareness and its relationship to the pure essence of the elements. In the process, the practitioner gradually gives up solid food and takes only pills. The accomplishment of the practice is the development of the ability to live on the pure essence of the elements alone.

A commentary on the practice of Chulen states:

"Chu is the essential substance of the elements: it maintains the physical body and, if our energy is uncoordinated, it co-ordinates it, if it is weak, it reinforces it. Therefore, chulen is useful, above all, to harmonize energy and develop clarity...The Body of Light (Jalu) can manifest when the principles of Dzogchen are combined with Chulen.”