Golden Flower Extract - Blood Support
Golden Flower Extract - Blood Support

Golden Flower Extract - Blood Support


Golden Flower Extract is an all natural, concentrated form of the most active part of a particular strain of Chinese Fermented tea. This tea has been produced in Hunan Provence, China, for more than 500 years, and has been recently found to promote normal blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar  when taken regularly. In addition, the formula has been shown to accelerate metabolism, encourage weight loss, while balancing energy levels throughout the day. When used regularly, both sugar craving and stress levels can be reduced, and with no side effects, Golden Flower Extract is a solid addition to any healthy lifestyle.

The production of this special form of tea takes more than one year, and includes fermenting the tea with a special culture which makes it so special. As the tea ripens, yellow 'flowers' form on the surface, and it is this that contains the amazing health benefits. This process complex process consists of more than 30 steps, most of which are kept secret from the public, and results in the formation of the Golden Flower.

As most Westerners are not willing to drink the 4-6 cups of tea per day necessary for the full profile of health benefits to be accessed, we at Siddhi Energetics have contracted with an herbal concentrate laboratory to extract the active part of the tea and concentrate it for use in capsules. Our extract uses 10 kilograms of tea to produce just 1 kilogram of extract (graphically noted as 10:1), making a single capsule as powerful as eating a whole tablespoon of raw tea. This concentration process makes blood support through the regular use of Golden Flower Extract both easy and inexpensive.

Research conducted both in Chinese universities as well as here in the US supports the ancient claims that this tea can be a profound support for a healthy lifestyle. Recently complete research shows that a concentrated extract of this tea taken for 120 days significantly reduces both LDL cholesterol and hemogloben A1C in most participants.

In addition, a 2011 study supports the widely held belief in China that extracts of Golden Flower tea significantly impact blood lipid levels and produce a reduction in LDL cholesterol in those who are not taking prescription medicines for this purpose. According to this study, the unique phytochemical profile of the Golden Flower encourages researchers that it may hold the key to drug-free treatment of Type 2 diabetes as well as some forms of cardiovascular disease. Click here to read the full study. Note: this study used a 7:1 extract (7 kilograms of tea concentrated into 1 kilogram of extact), while GFE is a 10:1 extract, thus 30% more potent.

While Siddhi Energetics makes no claims as to the efficacy of this or any of our products, and wish to state clearly that Golden Flower Extract is not to be used in place of the recommendations of a physician for those suffering from any type of illness, including but not limited to high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure, continuing research encourages those interested in a natural way to support their health to investigate Golden Flower Extract.



Take 1-4 caplues once or twice per day. A 90 - 120 day course is suggested in order to see lasting, measurable changes.


100% natural pure Chinese dark tea golden flower extract (10:1).