Rinchen Ratna Samphel Precious Pill
Rinchen Ratna Samphel Precious Pill

Rinchen Ratna Samphel Precious Pill


Rinchen Ratna Samphel (Wish Fulfilling Jewel), also known as Mutig 70 (Pearl 70) is one of the most interesting of the Tibetan Precious Pills available today. Originally formulated by the great Buddhist master and translator Orgyenpa Rinchen Pal (1229-1309), using sophisticated alchemical techniques he learned in India and personally brought to Tibet.

We at Siddhi Energetics learned about this pill in the wonderful book Alchemical Traditions - From Antiquity to the Avant-Garde, edited by Aaron Cheak. In an excellent article by Kim Lai entitled Iatrochemistry, Metaphysiology, Gnosis, Mr Lai states that the alchemically prepared Rinchen Ratna Samphel, when taken by healthy patients is able to "... induce great sensory clarity, rejuvenate the heart channels, increase vitality and prevent a long list of disorders primarily of the rlung category". When we came across this we immediately contacted our doctor and requested a supply of these pills.

Traditionally compounded from 70+ naturally grown and conscientiously harvested herbs, minerals and ritually purified and enhanced metals, this formula is widely prescribed in the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and general neurodegeneration. Stroke recovery, concussion, paralysis and epilepsy are only some of the conditions this amazing formula is used for.

In addition to these traditional uses, recent studies performed in China showed the high effectiveness of this formula in the treatment of vascular dementia. See this link for a full report on this study and its findings.

Another interesting story associated with this formula comes from Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, who recommended it to one of his students in the hopes that it would forestall a pending bone marrow transplant. The full report can be found on Rinpoche's website here.


In use for more than 1000 years in Tibet, precious pill formulations are held to be some of the most powerful and deep acting preparations in the traditional pharmacopeia. The knowledge of how to harvest, purify and combine the ingredients, along with the spiritual techniques for blessing and consecrating them in order to bring out their full potency and efficacious benefits, is preserved to this day in the active Buddhist monasteries of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, where these pills are hand made in rigorous harmony with both the scriptural and oral traditions.

These blessed and holy pills may be kept on one's shrine as objects of veneration, installed in statues and stupas to bestow blessings, or taken as medicine. When consumed, one should not take more than one pill per month, unless prescribed by a Tibetan doctor.

Note: These precious pills are very powerful. We strongly recommend you use them only under the recommendation of a trained Tibetan or Chinese doctor.


Traditional conditions for which Ratna Samphel is used are: high blood pressure due to confrontation of blood and rlung disorder, headache, nausea, fainting due to stroke, hemiplegia, inability to stretch and bend the limbs, facial palsy, impaired speech, incontinence, loss of memory, insanity, brain concussion, irregular circulation in the brain, heart disorder due to high blood pressure, disorders effecting white blood cells, various nerve disorders, rlung disorder of the heart ("heart lung") and life channel, epileptic seizures, poisoning, leprosy, water retention due to occlusion of blood and heart disorders.

When taken by a healthy person, it is said to help clear and enhance the complexion, clear sensory organs and increase their vibrancy, rejuvenate the whole body, increase virility and can help to prevent the disorders mentioned above.

It is important to note that these are traditional uses, and that this formula is not a treatment for any disease or condition, and is not an alternative to good, modern health care. If you are trying to treat a particular illness, see your doctor first.



When used to treat acute conditions, crush and swallow with a good amount of hot water on an empty stomach.

In order treat chronic conditions or when used to improve general health and vitality, the following method is encouraged:

Soak the pill overnight in a small amount of hot boiled water, covering it with a lid. Do not expose the pill to bright light. Before dawn the next morning, crush and stir the contents either with the ring finger while reciting the Medicine Buddha mantra a few times (see below), then drink the whole mixture after adding a small amount of hot water. Follow with another cup of hot water. Immediately return to bed, covering oneself with warm blankets and sleep for about an hour in order to induce perspiration. Upon waking, drink additional hot water infused with saffron to close the channels of the subtle body. This process helps the formula to penetrate as deeply as possible. To increase the effects one may take the pill on the new or full moon, or during other auspicious times.

For three to seven days after taking the formula, it is considered auspicious and beneficial to avoid fish, pork, eggs, onion, garlic, fermented foods, hot spices, rigorous exercises and sports, sleeping during the day, cold showers, large amounts of raw food, and sexual activity.

A very interesting essay on precious pills can be found here:



Mantra of the Medicine Buddha (pronounced as Tibetans say it)

Tad-ya-ta Om Be-kan-dze Be-kan-dze Ma-ha Be-kan-dze Ra-dza Sa-mung-ga-te So-ha

A loose translation could read “Hail! Appear, Oh Healer, Oh Healer, Oh Great Healer, Oh King of Healing!”