Semkye Dungsel - The Precious Essence
Semkye Dungsel - The Precious Essence

Semkye Dungsel - The Precious Essence

    The full name of this very special formula is "The Precious Essence which Removes the Mind of Sorrow" (Tibetan: Sems-kyi gdung-sel rinchen snying-po sha). We originally came across this medicine in the book Tibetan Buddhist Medicine and Psychiatry more than ten years ago and have tried ever since to secure a supply. Happily, we have finally found a doctor who makes it.

    Originally developed by the famous 8th century Tibetan physician-saint Yuthok Yontan Gonpo, who also compiled the Four Medical Tantras (rgyud bzhi). These texts comprise the basis of Tibetan Medicine.

    According to the text in which the recipe is found, Yuthok felt this prescription was of such great importance that he always kept some of it 'tucked in his collar', meaning that he kept it with him at all times.

    The authors of the above mentioned book met with HH Dudjom Rinpoche, at the time head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, to ask him which Tibetan herbal formulas were most important for Westerners during these times of great change, and he immediately answered that this particular compound, Semkye Dungsel, would be most beneficial.

    According to the literature, this formula can also be used as a kind of 'Spiritual super vitamin', at the dosage of one pellet per day, taken in the morning.

    We include here a translation of part of Yuthok's original treatise on this formula:

    By giving 3, 5 or 7 pills, as necessary, there is nothing that cannot be subdued by this method (formula); especially all heart-wind imbalance (snying-rlung nad) including emotional turmoil of both the violent and depressive types, occasional anxiety, high blood pressure (within normal range), insane crying and shouting, serious loss of sensibility, hiccups, a mind that grows fearful and sad without reason, big wild anger, forgetting everything, foggy vision and pain in the upper chest when filling up (the lungs) with breath.

    Especially for issues that are very difficult to treat and for those brought about by evil forces, this medicine is supreme, even by just having it in the house (which can help prevent this type of karmic disease through blessing).

    Also, other diseases - of phlegm, bile and lymph, cold and worms (microorganisms); in fact, all hot and cold diseases caused by the three humors are subdued by this supreme medicine, which Yuthok always kept tucked ijn a little bag inside his collar.

    This is the wealth of the father of all skilled doctors, Yuthok of Trong-tse. Emaho! (how wonderful)!

    Please note that this description of the traditional use of this formula has not been studied or verified. We include it here for informational purposes only.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


    This formula is made of herbs which are conscientiously, sustainably hand-harvested and gathered by well-paid, well-treated workers. All the herbs which go in to making these complex formulas are organic and wild-crafted. They are made according to strict Buddhist principles and consecrated according to ancient traditional, methods.

    About Semkye Dungsel

    This formula is made from Costus speciosus, sweet flag rhizome, long pepper, wild ginger, black salt, golden myrobalan, black aloeswood, black aconite and nutmeg.

    Semkye Dungsel is a traditional Tibetan compound, recommended for depression and all types of anxiety-related conditions.

    Take two pellets in the morning with hot water, on an empty stomach. Pellets must be crushed or chewed before swallowing. Two additional pellets can be taken before bed if necessary. Four pellets per day is the maximum recommended dosage.

    Serving: Two Pellets

    Servings per container:25

    Amount per serving % Daily Value: 2g*

    *daily value not established


    What our clients are saying:

    Good morning!

    I recently ordered two bottles of your Semkye Dungsel, and it is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been in search of something that was too hard to frame within our language. It suddenly occurred to me a few weeks ago that what I was looking for was a way to work with my emotional body via the subtle energies mastered by one more wise than I. I’ve learned that everything requires permission, and upon receiving this formula and asking it to aid me in my seeking, I was guided to pair it with the Chulen that I had received previously from you.

    I cannot accurately express the gratitude I have for you and the sheer number of events that have occurred so that I can experience these two formulas and their impact.