Yoga Nadis Tsa Lung Tigle
Tibetan Tigle Graphically Represented
Tigle Chenpo - Liquid Essence
Tibetan Mandala from the Tigle Gyachen

Tigle Chenpo - Liquid Essence


Tigle Chenpo (Tib. Great Essence) is a concentrated herbal formula designed to restore and replenish the subtle energy known to Tibetan medicine as tigle, and in Indian Ayurveda as bindu or ojas. In the body, tigle acts to promote and sustain one's physical vitality, mental clarity, and overall health. According to the system of Tibean medicine and yoga, tigle travel through he body by way of the tsa (Sanskrit - Nadi, or energy channels, propelled by rLung, or vital energy. Tigle act as the body's most concentrated form of essential energy, and is believed to be related to the body's production and use of peptide neurotransmitters.

Tigle Chenpo is a practical, effective formula designed for regular use which can provide needed support to the energy systems of the body and mind, helping one to recover the sense of well-being and possibility associated with youth, along with a radiant appearance, increased vigor and a lighthearted mood.

The word tigle carries several meanings in Tibetan, being translated depending on the context as drop, sphere, essence, essential fluid and sometimes as the spark of life. When this vital essence is depleted, such common problems as insomnia, low energy and drive, and symptoms reminiscent of chronic fatigue or a general feeling of overwhelm crowd the system. Busy with life and a continual series of complex problems and tasks to handle, our vital energy ebbs and love of life diminishes. Often we associate these feelings with simple aging, and attempt to treat them with stimulants such as coffee, the gains of which are very temporary and can quickly lead to a cycle of dependency and even addiction, depleting the system even more.

Neither a stimulant nor a short-term energy booster, Tigle Chenpo is designed to set the body's energies in motion to refill one's reservoir of tigle, bringing out a state of energetic potentiality and a deep sense of fulfilled openness.

When tigle is full one's body and mind are permeated by a deep sense of good fortune, a gentle recognition of youthful abundance which manifests as joy, energy and the feeling of being able to accomplish whatever our lives set before us. In addition, traditional accounts as well as modern users report an increase deep, restful sleep as well as sexual vitality which, in some cases, had been missing for years.

It is considered particularly important when using formulas of this type not to waste this new-found sexual potency, but to allow it to permeate the body and be circulated through the application of breathing and yoga.

Each bottle contains 60ml,  approximately 70-80 droppers.



Eurycoma longifolia, Epimedium extract, Cordyceps sinensis, Kaempferia galanga, Ginger concentrate, L-Arginine, Cinnamomum burmannii, Boesenbergia rotunda, Lepidium meyenii, American ginseng, Bee pollen, Tribulus terrestris, Nettle extract, Siberian ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Royal jelly, Honey. In a base of purified water and ethanol.


How To Use Tigle Chenpo

Take 1/2 to 1 dropper full up to three times per day, preferably on an empty stomach. Tigle Chenpo is designed to be taken sublingually (under the tongue), although one may also swallow it or add it to a beverage of choice. Designed for long-term use, TC can be taken daily for several months. After that a break of one month is suitable, after which the treatment may be continued. Shake well before use.